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关于”我的好品质“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:My good quality。以下是关于我的好品质的初中英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

关于”我的好品质“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:My good quality。以下是关于我的好品质的初中英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My good quality

Chivalry is not dead, and a woman will notice whether a man will open a door for her, approach the traffic, or pull a chair for her while she is sitting, something that will make any man stand out from his backpack. A quick online search of emotional pain shows that emotional unavailability is a disease that takes many men's lives. If you're a man suffering from this disease, you'd better do it.

Seek help immediately. Being a man means being able to share your feelings without worrying about how you'll look at the details. A woman likes a man who pays attention to details, and he remembers them late in the day, which can earn a lot of points for any man.

For example, suppose the woman you are interested in tells a trivial story about having lunch with a friend. Two weeks later, you ask her and she mentions the name of the restaurant by the way, "how was the XYZ restaurant you and your friend went to the other day?" ? I'm thinking we should go out to dinner tonight. "A man will immediately be promoted to superhero status, if at some point in the future, he can remember some small details and prove that he is really listening to XYZ's praise and unexpected praise.

Yes, she may look like when she is dressed up, you must let her know, but let a woman know How special she is to you, it is also important to see her laughter in her life today. Smile or leave dimples on her face and praise her. If any relationship wants to succeed, it must have a sense of trust.

Honesty is the adhesive to maintain a relationship, and it is also an attractive feature. Even if you tell a woman this may not be the most pleasant news, for a man, being open is better than telling him confidence. Self confidence is the key to charm.

It will attract the attention of any woman, and confidence should not be confused with arrogance Because arrogance involves a false sense of self, and confidence requires an essment of who you are (not what you do).





When we have a new neighbor, we will think about what kind of person he is and what kind of family he is. We hope he is a good person to me. I like talkative people.

When we meet, we can have a good talk. We can greet each other with a smile. I also like people who like to smile.

He is not a serious person. A good neighbor is helpful and generous Good lady used to live with me. I didn't know her very well.

One day I found out that she was a good person. That day, I came home and realized that I had left my key at home and locked it outside. I could get dark and I had nowhere to go, but I had to stay at home and wait for my mother.

The lady who lived next to me saw me stay at home alone and let me into her house. She brought me some tea and biscuits warmly. We had a good chat.

Thank her for her help. I won't stand up and wait for an hour and endure a cold word. This lady is an example of a good neighbor.

She has some qualities I respect, such as being helpful, generous and generous Easygoing: in addition, there are two important qualities of being a good neighbor: tolerance and respect for each other's privacy. If a neighbor has a child crying for a long time in the middle of the night, or he starts playing an instrument, these situations mean that some tolerance is needed. At the same time, I like talkative people, but I don't like chatty people.




My life is colorful, so I have a lot of hobbies, such as piano, dance, painting and so on. But my favorite is painting. First, I started painting when I was one year old.

I know that I was admitted to the Academy of fine arts. I like painting. I think painting can be fruitful, and improve the ability of aesthetic restoration.

My friends also like painting, but we are not in school, which is my most regret My family has many hobbies, such as my mother likes reading, my father likes singing and so on. My family, including my grandparents, have many hobbies. I think this is something to celebrate.



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