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关于”人际关系“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:interpersonal relationship。以下是关于人际关系的专八英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

关于”人际关系“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:interpersonal relationship。以下是关于人际关系的专八英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:interpersonal relationship

In recent years, high school students' clmate conflicts are common in the campus. These conflicts make the excitement of campus life dark, and have a negative impact on their life and learning. Students' conflicts often arise from daily trivia, such as the space for storing books or notes.

When the personality is not harmonious, these details will let students go their separate ways, and sometimes even lead to serious conflicts. In addition, students' different attitudes towards some problems are another factor causing these conflicts. Conflicts among students are harmful and need to be resolved.

Although many people think that school discipline can ease conflicts, I believe that learning to tolerate each other can play a more constructive role, because it teaches students the art of flexibility and compromise. At the same time, communication helps to solve this problem, because many conflicts are caused by misunderstanding.





A study by researchers at Florida State University in Tallahee suggests that simply saying "thank you" may be good for both the recipient and the person expressing gratitude. The study, published in the latest issue of psychological science, found that saying "thank you" strengthens interpersonal relationships by those expressing gratitude more responsible for the welfare of the recipient. In order to understand that expressing gratitude helps strengthen interpersonal relationships, researchers conducted three different studies in one study.

College students completed a survey on their gratitude to their friends or partners. The results showed that in another study involving college students, gratitude was positively ociated with people's perception of "common" power In the third study, men and women were randomly divided into four groups, one group expressing gratitude to friends and the other group expressing gratitude to friends, said Nathaniel Lambert, lead author of the study and research istant at the Institute. The third thought was about daily activities and the fourth was about being positive with friends At the end of the study, people who expressed gratitude showed stronger interpersonal relationships, and when they expressed gratitude, it strengthened the community the findings made sense, he said, because "when you express gratitude to someone, you focus on the good they do for you," he said.

"It allows you to look at them in a more positive way and help you specialize "Pay attention to their good qualities"; Lambert said that his team tested the idea: "when grateful people come, they think that the relationship is more group oriented, that they are more worthy of sacrifice and make more efforts to help others"; although the research only focuses on people who express gratitude, Lambert speculates that "those who are grateful tend to have a reward They will want to express their gratitude, which may turn into a spiral process.


塔拉哈西佛罗里达州立大学的研究人员进行的研究结果表明,简单地说声“谢谢”可能对受赠者和表达感激之情的人都有好处,这项研究发表在最新一期《心理科学》上,发现说“谢谢”能让表达感谢的人对受赠者的福利更加负责,从而加强了人际关系。为了理解表达感谢有助于加强人际关系,研究人员在一项研究中进行了三项不同的研究,大学生们完成了一项关于他们向朋友或伴侣表达感激之情的调查结果显示,在另一项涉及大学生的研究中,感恩与人们对“共同”力量的感知有着积极的联系,表达感激发现表达者对关系强度的感知随着时间的推移而增强 在第三项研究中,男性和女性被随机分为四组,一组对朋友表示感谢,另一组对朋友表示感激,研究报告的主要作者、研究院的研究助理纳撒尼尔·兰伯特说,第三种想法是关于日常活动,第四种想法是与朋友进行积极的互动;在研究结束时,表达感激的人表现出更强的人际关系,而当表达感激之情时,会增强社区的力量大学 他说,这项发现是有意义的,因为“当你向某人表达感激之情时,你会专注于他为你做的好事,”他说,“这会让你从更积极的角度看待他们,并帮助你专注于他们的好品质”;兰伯特说,他的研究团队测试了这样一个观点:“感恩的人来了认为这种关系更具群体性,认为这个人更值得为之牺牲,多付出一点努力来帮助他人“;尽管研究只关注表达感激之情的人,但兰伯特推测,“那些被感谢的人往往会有一种回报的冲动,他们会想表达他们的感激之情,这可能会变成一种螺旋上升的过程。”。


Communication between people is the most important thing. It can't be overemphasized. According to the Bible, once upon a time, human beings communicated in one language, so they tried to build the tower of Babel to communicate with God.

As a result, they found that such dreams were just castles in the air. Mistakes between people would make people in trouble. Jealous God made us into such pain.

Now, different races and People of different religions are drawn into endless wars, people are crying, and the consequences are deeply rooted in the lack of communication.



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