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关于”集群行为“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Cer Behavior。以下是关于集群行为的xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

关于”集群行为“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Cer Behavior。以下是关于集群行为的xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Cer Behavior

As a student, how to behave properly is the secret of getting along well with others. I think it is very important to do everything on time. We should be polite and ready to help others.

We'd better not make a lot of noise in public. Don't litter, don't spit, remember to obey the traffic rules. Finally, learn to deal with others.

We need good teamwork in our life.





The time of Richard Avis * twin5 Oseola McCarty, a laundryman, spent years washing and ironing people's clothes. She only got a few dollars at a time. Of course, no one would think that she was rich.

So when Miss McCarty decided to donate it to McCarty of the University of South Mississippi, they were surprised because she could save money to save time, such a large amount of money, because she lived a very simple life and he never had She didn't learn how to drive. When she wanted to go somewhere, she just walked. She never flew anywhere until she donated.

During the years when she left the south, the house she lived in was also the one left by her last uncle. She didn't start to travel around the country until she became famous in America. She was the subject of many interviews and articles, Even invited to the White House.

Her donation is for students who obviously need financial aid. She left school herself in sixth grade, never married or had children. She told reporters that the idea of helping other people's children go to college has given her a lot of help.


理查德·阿维斯*时代twin5Oseola McCarty是一个洗衣工,花了好几年时间给别人洗衣服和熨衣服,她每次只拿到几美元当然没人会认为她很有钱,所以当麦卡蒂决定捐给南密西西比大学麦卡蒂时,他们都很惊讶,因为她可以省下钱来节省时间这么大的一笔钱,因为她过着非常简单的生活,他从来没有学过开车,当她想去某个地方的时候,她只是走着走她从来没有飞到任何地方,直到捐赠,在她离开南方的几年里,她所住的房子也是她最后一个叔叔离开的一个相当简陋的房子,直到她在美国出名后,她才开始在全国各地旅行,她是许多采访和文章的主题,甚至被邀请到白宫。她的捐款是为了那些显然需要经济援助的学生。她自己在xx年级时就离开了学校,从未结婚或有过孩子。



Cheating in exams is a shameful act. From the first time students take an exam, they are told not to cheat. Every student can list the disadvantages of cheating.

However, there are still a few people who cheat in exams. Some of them don't know what to learn and distrust luck. They are likely to cheat.

They don't study hard during the semester. When they realize that the exam is approaching, most of them will In order to p the exam, they seem to have no choice but to peek at other people's papers or books, or even find someone to take the exam. In addition, the examination methods of some subjects make it easier to cheat.

For example, in some papers, all the answers can be found directly from textbooks or notes. Therefore, even if students know nothing about the subjects, they can easily get high marks by cheating. To stop cheating is not only a teacher's file work, but also a student's file work for teachers.

We should pay attention to the test of students' ability to solve problems by using knowledge, rather than the mechanical memory of textbooks. We should realize that cheating in exams is a shameful behavior. The future is full of fierce competition, and any success achieved through cheating will not last long.

So let's create a system without cheating Campus, for today and tomorrow to create an academic atmosphere of integrity.



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