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关于”生爱情“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Give birth to love。以下是关于生爱情的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Give birth to love

Making a choice between career and love is a very personal and personal decision. There are many factors that can affect your choice. Many people have found out how to achieve a healthy work life balance, let them have both career and love at the same time, and meet our needs in different but important ways.

A solid career gives us a sense of achievement and self-worth, except for paying bills Many of them will be rewarded by their own status in their own work and family, so if they have their own career and development, they will be able to develop their own value according to their own status Can't you? Or, when the happiest and healthiest people have managed to establish a balance between work and life, you don't want to make room for both in your life. Maybe not everyone should consider these factors. When you think about which is more important to you, your career may be more important when you are young.

Now many people pay attention to it Focus on career and family. The reason is that when you are young and have no burden, if you have lofty career aspirations when you are young, you will have the time and energy to devote yourself to your career. Once you get married and start a family, most of your time and energy may be the time to move towards these goals.




Sarah brahmano, a person like you, I will not get rest from life, from patience and pain, from happiness, it will not be a kind of gentle and kind life, I don't know how I can have enough life and love in your eyes is my secret, I never told you in my heart that I have always been In your arms, I never knew you were something I had been waiting for. There was no sunrise as pure as you, as pure as prayer. You created hope.

Every dream I was abandoned seemed to come true. I believe in miracles. In a world of such fear, no one is as naive as you.

My world is struck by lightning. I give up every dream as if it were I believe in miracles. No one can be like you.




South Korean people attach great importance to romance. Couples exchange sweet words many times a day. In the middle of a piece of earth that forgets their wedding anniversary, some couples wear the same fancy red sweater and blue jeans, and wear pairs of clothes.

For example, a Korean company has developed a social network for couples, called vcncs App, which creates a private space for two people, where they can share photos and special memories, chat in real time, and exchange any number of cute expressions: smiling faces, blinking eyes, red hearts, etc. since its launch in November last year, more than Korean people have been attracted to it. Although vcnc has achieved almost nothing in marketing, the company's boss, park Chi Ying (P Mark jaeuk) claims that another overseas user, in China, has differences between value creators and companies in Japan and North America Between is part of a trend towards social networking intimacy.

Some Facebook users are fed up with a lot of friend requests from people they hardly know. They hate being labeled in embarrassing photos that they can see. So the rise of a service, such as path in the United States, limits members to friends and other networks, such as familyleaf and story The target families are all on Facebook Facebook Facebook family leaf story tree Vcnc bets that couples pay special attention to their privacy, that a message from an old lover on a Facebook wall could ruin a new relationship and sever the relationship between the ex (and everyone).

In addition, cynics may ask, what's the difference between two people's social networks and simply sending text messages back and forth between them, and users may think that the cynic lacks the depth of their hearts Romantic. The revenue will come from advertising. The company hopes that sellers of good restaurants and romantic vacations will pay to sell to lovedup, and it plans to provide quality services, such as printing photo albums and recording the progress of the relationship.

When they learned that only one partner was allowed to browse, some cheaters beat the system with multiple identities. Mr. Park said with a smile that he was not likely to run vcnc with them, making him busy with a girlfriend.


韩国人很重视浪漫,情侣们一天要交换很多次甜言蜜语,在一个忘记结婚纪念日的土块中间,有些情侣穿着同样花哨的红色毛衣和蓝色牛仔裤,穿着对子式的衣服,例如,一家韩国公司为情侣们开发了一个社交网络,名为VCNCs app,它为两个人创造了一个私人空间,在那里他们可以分享照片和特殊的记忆,实时聊天,还可以交换任何数量的可爱表情:笑脸、眨眼、红心等等自从去年xx月推出以来,已经有超过韩国人为之倾倒,尽管VCNC在市场营销上几乎一无所获,但该公司的老大朴智英(Park Jaeuk)声称,另一个海外用户,在中国之间,有分歧,日本和北美之间的价值创造者与公司之间vcncvark jaeukbeen Between是社交网络亲密化趋势的一部分有些facebook用户已经受够了来自那些几乎不认识的人的大量好友请求,他们讨厌别人在他们自己能看到的尴尬照片中被贴标签,因此服务的兴起比如美国的一个网络Path,它把成员限制在朋友范围内,其他网络,比如FamilyLeaf和StoryTree,目标家庭都在Facebook FaceBookPathFamilyLeafStoryTree VCNC打赌情侣们特别重视他们的隐私,一条来自Facebook墙上的旧情人的留言可能会毁掉一段新的关系,切断前任(和所有人)的关系除此之外,愤世嫉俗者可能会问,两人社交网络与简单地在两人之间来回发送短信有何不同,用户可能认为愤世嫉俗者的心灵深处缺乏浪漫。收入将来自广告。公司希望,好的餐厅和浪漫假期的卖家会花钱向lovedup推销它还计划提供优质服务,如打印照片册,记录双方关系的进展。


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