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Men and women may be lyrical when looking for a kind, sensitive and interesting person, but a new study shows that when looking for a partner, a study published in the journal Evolution and human behavior shows that what really matters to men is appearance, while women want a man with a good bank balance. The study asked hundreds of young men and women what was most important when choosing a partner: attractiveness, wealth, ambition, kindness and intelligence quotient. The results showed that men were dominated by attractive faces and bodies, while women were obsessed with wealth and ambition, said Professor gard Saad, who co autd the study with tripat gill It seems to highlight how evolution leads us to such "irrational" decisions.

"Choosing a potential person, a r provider or a father who doesn't love children has serious consequences for a woman and her offspring," Saad said. The survey, conducted at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, gave an overall picture of potential partners, as well as positive and negative descriptions. A charismatic body and a charming face are seen as more important to men, while earning potential and ambition are more important to women, both saying kindness and wisdom are equally important to both, according to the survey.





Task arguments, ideas and evidence exchange quality vocabulary and sentence structure arguments, views and evidence in fact, unfortunately, international tourism is the largest industry in the world, and international tourism creates tension rather than mutual understanding among people from different cultural backgrounds. Do you agree with international tourism tension rather than tension understanding when a country develops its technology, traditional technology It is meaningless to try to make them live. Do you agree or disagree with this point of view? The common interests of contemporary society? More and more juvenile delinquents have yzed the possible causes of this phenomenon and put forward some suggestions to prove that wild animals have no place in the world.

Do you agree or disagree to try to protect these animals It's hard to imagine what our life would be like without wild animals. For example, if there were no cats, there would be more mice. The increase in the number of mice would lead to the reduction of food resources and the spread of diseases.

The protection of animals and wildlife is very important. Universities should not provide too much theoretical knowledge, but should give students more practical training. Do you agree or disagree with the argument The plan emphasizes employment causes and effects comparison and comparison of facts and statistical concessions.

Refutation clification definition is similar to communication quality task 1 consistency and consistency. However, although, it is not the result, therefore, due to this point, in addition to this, there are, and, further, for example, actually including, indedafter, following, before, until During, between, while veracity and sentence structure tasks.




GREGRE=(Issue+Argument)GRE Issue taskmin Argument taskmin GRE AAAI AIAAAAAI ETS etsissueagular GRE=(Issue+Argument)/GRE Tipsgre let us join in sports, as we said before, sports can not only make people happy, but also help people learn virtue, make their work better, healthy body let us exercise GRE gre.


GREGRE=(Issue+Argument)GRE Issue taskmin Argument taskmin GRE AAAI AIAAAAAI ETS etsissueagular GRE=(Issue+Argument)/GRE TIPSGRE让我们加入到体育运动中来,正如我们前面所说的,体育运动不仅能使人们生活得快乐,而且还能帮助人们学习美德,使他们的工作做得更好健全的身体让我们去运动GRE GRE GRE。

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