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Japan's largest Shinkansen high-speed train operator has begun to push for exports of the technology to the rest of the world, hoping to beat European into fast-growing markets, including Jr central in North America and the Middle East, which has more Shinkansen pengers than other operators. The company said it had set up a consulting department to sell the technology The competition between Alstom and velaro Jr Central's TGV system will be increased. In terms of planning and designing high-speed system, it will play the same role as the French state-owned operator SNCF in some projects to build TGV type systems abroad Central's move came to light after Tsutomu Morimura, general manager of its general technology department, gave a speech at an international high-speed rail conference in London, explaining the advantages of Shinkansen trains designed for foreign markets.

Mr. Morimura compared the energy consumption and weight of the latest Shinkansen trains with the competitive technologies of France and Germany, which must be introduced as a whole. He said the way to operate the railway ranges from track design to inculcating the right attitude of employees.

Previously, Japanese technology was only exported to Taiwan and the United Kingdom, while French technology was already exported to Spain Dental and South Korea, while German systems are sold to Spain and Russia.


日本最大的新干线高速列车已经开始推动向世界其他地区出口这项技术,希望能击败欧洲竞争对手进入快速增长的市场,包括北美和中东地区的JR-Central,后者的新干线乘客比其他都多,该公司表示,该公司已经成立了一个咨询部门来销售这项技术,此举将增加法国阿尔斯通公司(Alstom)和西门子公司Velaro JR Central的TGV系统的竞争,在规划和设计高速系统方面可以发挥与法国国有SNCF在一些在国外建造TGV型系统的项目中所扮演的角色相同的角色法国中央航空公司(France JR Central)的举动在其通用技术部门的总经理森村修(Tsutomu Morimura)之后曝光,在伦敦举行的一次国际高铁会议上发表演讲,阐述了专为国外市场设计的新干线列车的优点。森村先生将最新新的新干线列车的能耗和重量与法国和德国的竞争技术进行了比较,这些新干线列车必须作为整体的一部分引入他说,运营这条铁路的方法从轨道设计到向员工灌输正确的态度,此前日本的技术只出口到和英国,法国的技术已经出口到西班牙和韩国,而德国的系统则销往西班牙和俄罗斯。


(technology is changing our lives) technology is one of the most important factors to promote the development of our society from one era to another. Whether yoealize it or not, science and technology are greatly affecting the way we live and work every day. Computer is the new technology of the century, the best example of the greatest inventions of mankind.

They are in the world today More and more widely used, especially when their functions are magnified with the help of the Internet, computers can even make everything convenient and possible. You can shop online. If your family wants to buy a TV, you can see a picture and find the most affordable store through your computer.

You just need to send a message to that store, and the correct amount will be from If you take it out of your bank account and deposit it in the store like this, you can buy anything you want without leaving your room. You can work at home through a computer at home, which is the main trading tool, SOHO possible. This will make the workplace more comfortable, reduce the transportation time, and potentially improve the actual working hours You can learn a lot from the Internet.

The Internet presents a vivid world in front of us. Sitting in front of your computer, you can get the latest news, the latest political and scientific developments, as well as the most peculiar customs and cultures in the world. It's an information superhighway to travel on the Internet, and it also shortens the distance people have computers.

No matter how far away your relatives and friends are from you, you can communicate with them by email. In a word, the invention of computer benefits us a lot. However, all new technologies will cause some confusion, such as some technical, economic and legal problems.

Therefore, when we enjoy the benefits of new technology, we should also establish some new rules and laws to prevent the negative impact of technology on SOHO email.




Fortunately, it was my birthday yesterday. I didn't go to school. I stayed at home to prepare for my birthday party.

I got up at about o'clock. I was wearing a new orange jacket and a pair of black jeans. I was putting some candy and fruit on the table.

When my friends came at o'clock, they gave me many presents, such as story books, a beautiful purse and a pen, when my parents were my parents When they came, they bought me a big birthday cake. Then we ate the birthday cake and watched TV. We all had a good time.

My best friend Lily told me that my English was a surprise. What a lucky day.



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