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关于”妈妈的爱好“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Mom's hobbies。以下是关于妈妈的爱好的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

关于”妈妈的爱好“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Mom's hobbies。以下是关于妈妈的爱好的小学英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Mom's hobbies

Day and night, she came to tuck me in. Even in my childhood, according to her long-standing habit, she would lean over and push my long hair away, and then kiss my forehead. I don't remember when I began to annoy me - her hand pushed my hair that way, but it really bothered me because they thought my young skin was rough, and finally, there was one One night, I severely scolded her: "don't do this again - your hands are too rough." She didn't answer anything, but my mother never ended my day with her familiar expression of love.

She didn't wake up after a long time. My words lingered in my mind, but pride killed my conscience. I didn't tell her again and again that I was sorry.

As the years went by, my mind went back to that night. I missed my mother's hand and her goodnight kiss on my forehead. Sometimes it seemed close, sometimes it was far away, but it was always hidden behind and unforgettable.

In my opinion, after all these years, I was no longer a little girl. My mother is middle-aged, and the hands that I used to think were rough are still doing things for me and my family. She has always been our doctor, reaching into the medicine cabinet to take medicine to calm a little girl's stomach or soothe a boy's bruised knee.

She makes the best fried food. Chickens in the world can always clean the stains on jeans. I have never done so.

Over the years, my mother has to give me ice cream every night at any time. My mother's hand has made countless efforts. Now she spends most of her time in front of the automatic washing machine.

My own children have grown up and gone. My mother no longer has a father. On some special occasions, I found myself pulled to the next door to spend a good night with her, just before Thanksgiving In the evening, as I was sleeping in my young bedroom, a familiar hand crept hesitantly across my face, stroking the hair on my forehead, and then gently kissing my forehead, for the thousandth time in my memory, I recalled that night when my rude young voice complained, "don't do this again - your hands are too rough." I grabbed my mother's hand and blurted out how sorry I was for the night I thought she would remember, just like I did, but my mother didn't know what I was saying, and she had forgotten - and forgiven - that night long ago, I fell asleep with her, my gentle mother and her loving hands, and my long-standing guilt, which I could never find again 了.





My mother is old. She is a housewife. Her whole job is to clean the house and take care of me.

Her favorite color is blue. She was kind and gentlemanly. Love apple.

She likes to play online games of stealing vegetables in her spare time. She often gets up quietly in the middle of the night or before dawn, just to play her favorite game. Just like a ager, my father has a pair of small eyes, wearing a pair of gles, looking more gentle, father's hair is not much, he said "smart head is not long hair" Dad does management, but Dad usually never talks to others bureaucratically, so his personal relationship is particularly good It's just like medadi always speaks in a restrained way.

He never talks about hitting people, and seldom swears. The number of people who plan to scold is not large. Although he sometimes gets angry for a long time, he can't surp him in a day or so.

The people he usually teaches me must be honest, friendly to others and work hard.





My mother my mother's name is Li. She is years old, but she looks very young. She is very tall.

She has big eyes and small mouth. She has long black hair. She is very kind and friendly.

She likes reading books and collecting stamps. This is my mother, a smart and beautiful mother.



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