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During the day, Apollo drove his golden carriage across the sky, known as the sun god. Artemis also flies across the sky in a solemn manner at night, and is honored as the goddess of the moon. Sitting in a light carriage drawn by a milky horse, the queen of Guangkong radiates silver light to the sleeping world.

Although she was still single, the goddess's maiden heart was excited at least once when she saw the beautiful young man endimian asleep. She is pure, beautiful and calm. She is a model of modesty and grace for a young girl.

Just as Apollo represents the beauty of masculinity, Artemis represents the purity and chastity of women. As their guardian goddess, she took it as her duty to protect the troubled girls and young women. These girls are looking for love and happiness on her altar.

Apollo's twin sister was also a goddess of hunting and wildlife. She was wearing a short hunting suit, knee high, followed by a group of noisy and lovely fairies, her bow shining. Arrow and she went to the woods to look for wild animals.

When she felt hot and tired, she would take a bath in a spring. It was here that the young Actaeon came by accident and was cruelly treated in the hands of the goddess. The goddess can be merciless and stop loving when she has a bad side.

Her nature has the upper hand. Niobe's misfortune is just one example..








The history, culture and government area of Provence. Francy Provence on the southeast coast is a part of Gallia narbonensis in Rome. With the collapse of the Roman Empire at the end of the 5th century, it was successively invaded by the Visigoths and Burgundians.

In the th century, it was ruled by the Franks. It partited in the albicans crusade. The Romanesque architecture of Provence is an outstanding cultural achievement in the middle ages.

During the French Revolution, Provence suffered in the religious war of the century. It lost its political structure and was divided into several parts. The historical area of Provence is roughly the same as Provence's current blue coast (POP: square miles) and the capital, Provence, Milles.


普罗旺斯历史、文化和区域,东南沿海的弗朗西普罗旺斯是罗马Gallia Narbonensis的一部分,随着罗马帝国在5世纪末的崩溃,它先后被西哥特人、勃艮第人入侵,在世纪,它被法兰克人统治。它参与了阿尔比根人的。它用普罗旺斯语普罗旺斯语与法国皇室联合起来,在中世纪文学中很重要,普罗旺斯的罗马式建筑是中世纪的一项杰出的文化成就,在法国大期间,普罗旺斯在世纪的战争中遭受了苦难,它失去了它的机构,被分成几个部分。



Tiresias was a blind prophet of Thebes. He was blind when he was young because he accidentally found Athena. One day, while wandering in the woods, he accidentally saw a serene girl bathing in a calm lake.

He had no idea that he had offended the virgin. He didn't know that he had offended the goddess, and she cried out angrily that anyone who dared to peep at her naked body was doomed to be blind forever. But when she later learned it was unintentional, it was too late for her to take back what she had said.

She sympathized with the r young man's loss of vision, and got an exception from Zeus. Apollo gave him the chance to live a long life, and Apollo gave him a magical ability of prophecy. However, Apollo gave him amazing keen ears, so that he could hear all the birds.

She filled his heart with mysterious knowledge of the past and the future. In short, she gave him a lot of her own wisdom. He was the first to recognize and welcome Dionysus' banquet and Dionysus on the land of ban.

When the baby Heracles caught Hera's two poisonous snakes, tirisias cast the fate of the child and revealed the sacred origin and destiny of the child. When Oedipus insulted Delicia and thought that he had something to do with Laias's mother, he bravely told the truth. Oedipus was the murderer.

Even in the lower world, he continued to prophesy. There, when Odysseus asked Odysseus for advice, he helped him. Alivi, who was respected by all, enjoyed the generous air and rosy light of the happiest land..








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