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关于”条理清晰“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Clear organization。以下是关于条理清晰的托福英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

关于”条理清晰“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Clear organization。以下是关于条理清晰的托福英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Clear organization

The issue raised by the statement, that is, to create a new festival for people, its importance should not be underestimated, because it is related to the structure of society, and the issue of creating a new festival has a profound impact on the future, although the theme can not be generally downplayed, the statement has caused certain doubts in practical application (creating a new holiday redundancy) As follows, I will ilrate my point of view for two reasons: first, honesty strengthens trust between friends or colleagues; second, telling lies not only makes things worse at work, but on the contrary, in family life, it is sometimes better to lie to others, such as lying to patients, instead of using memory examples.




Business Sinatra knew that he had been treated unfairly. He could sing, but he was not a very good composer, so when he played most of his singles on ABC, he never saw a cent. He spent years lobbying Congress to change the royalty law, requiring radio stations to pay composers instead of performers, and broadcasting companies were more than artists or singers The studio's more powerful lobby has been fighting for any change, arguing that broadcast time should give singers free publicity, but this month artists and record companies have some good news, with Frank Sinatra in clear channel on June 5 Communications reported on June 5 that the largest broadcasting company in the United States announced an agreement with big machine, a country music brand, to pay performance royalties on all its radio channels, terrestrial (i.e., air) and digital channels.

The plan is for clear channel to pay record companies and their artists, including Taylor swift and Tim McGraw. The agreement indicates that clear Channel plans to invest more money in digital broadcasting, a growing industry, but unlike terrestrial broadcasters, digital stations are legally obliged to pay artists for their songs. This skewed system makes it hard to build a digital platform for audiences, such as Pandora, where more than half of its revenue is spent Music royalties pay, "we can't get businesses to operate online at this rate," says Tim westgren, the founder and Chief Strategic Officer of Pandora, who spent dollars this year lobbying Congress to change the law.


商业 Clear Channel and radio broadcasting Come stream with me FRANK SINATRA知道他得到了一笔不公平的待遇,他可以唱歌,但他并不是一个很好的作曲家,所以当他在美国广播电台播放他的大部分单曲时,他从来没有看到一分钱,他花了数年的时间游说国会改变版税法律要求广播电台向作曲家而不是表演者付费广播公司比艺术家或唱片公司更强大的游说团体一直在努力争取任何改变,主张广播时间给予歌手免费宣传,但本月艺术家和唱片公司有一些好消息,xx月xx日,弗兰克·辛纳特拉(FRANK SINATRA)在《清晰频道通讯》(Clear Channel Communications)xx月xx日报道,美国最大的广播公司宣布与乡村音乐品牌Big Machine达成协议,支付其所有广播频道,地面(即,空中)和数字频道的演出版税。该计划是由Clear Channel向唱片公司及其艺术家支付费用,其中包括Taylor Swift和Tim McGraw,这项协议表明,Clear Channel计划在数字广播领域投入更多资金,这是一个正在增长的行业,但与地面广播公司不同,数字电台根据法律有义务在播放歌曲时向艺术家支付费用这种倾斜的系统让试图建立受众群的数字平台的日子过得很痛苦,比如潘多拉(Pandora),其收入的一半以上是用音乐版税支付的,“用这样的费率,我们无法让企业在网上运作,”蒂姆·韦斯特格伦说,潘多拉公司的创始人兼首席战略官今年花了美元游说国会修改法律。


I'm writing this letter about why I'm calling you further. Thank you. These four letters are about this report.

The purpose is to focus on the following suggestions + I personally think I personally reverse the previous one and repeat the actual situation around the circle completely eliminate the closure + the car has a car on the road, there is a black Santana on the road, we will soon You'll get a delivery. The cette you ordered on July 1 will arrive on August 1. Your savings account will receive high interest.

Your savings account will receive the highest interest rate every year. Most of our stockbrokers voted for our new plan. Our stockbrokers voted for your new plan.

A portable electric shredder can easily move from room to room The new electric shredder is feathery and weighs only pounds. It can be carried easily. You will receive your refund check soon.

You will receive your full dollar century on September 1 at 2 a.m., in May (spring) + on his birthday Monday, October 1, new year's day, Sunday night, in the morning, afternoon, Tuesday night, in summer afternoon, on his birthday day Evening, next month, next month, next month, next month, next winter, next week, next winter, next Friday, may, afternoon, Christmas, the beginning of the war, midnight in March, spring, in the afternoon of Christmas, weekend break time: at the beginning and the end.



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