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关于”经济演讲稿“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Economic speech。以下是关于经济演讲稿的初一英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Economic speech

The Spring Festival (Simplified Chinese: Traditional Chinese: Pinyin: Ch ū NJI é, or n ó NGL ì x ī NNI á n or Spring Festival / lunar new year is one of the most important traditional festivals in China. The Chinese New Year lasts for several days, starting from the first day of the first month of the lunar calendar and ending with the Lantern Festival. In China, the beginning of a year may be the month of Xia Dynasty, the month of Shang Dynasty, and the month of Zhou Dynasty.

However, in the Shang and Zhou dynasties, according to the surviving oracle bone inscriptions and Sima Qian of Zhou Dynasty, interval months were added one month later. Qin Shihuang, the first emperor of China, changed the beginning of the year into a month in BC. Neither the beginning of the month nor the beginning of the month was known.

Emperor Wu set the month as At the beginning of the year, it was said that in ancient China, Nian ("Nian") was a kind of cannibal beast from the mountains, which could sneak into houses to prey on human beings. Later, people realized that Nian was very sensitive to noise and red, which scared away explosions, fireworks and free use of red. Therefore, these customs that Guo Nian actually meant survival led to the first New Year celebration, Chuxi or Hua Yu Chu means "get rid of".

Xi is the legendary wild animal's day, year, year, year after year. When the year comes, it preys once. People scared him away with firecrackers as soon as he left.

In China's populous areas, people gathered to celebrate another safe year. Chinese Spring Festival is considered to be an important festival for Chinese and ethnic minorities deeply influenced by Chinese culture, including Japanese, Korean, Miao (Chinese Miao, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Tibetan, Nepalese and Bhutanese) (see Loxar Chinese New Year). It also happens when overseas Chinese come home to have a reunion dinner with their families on the eve of Chinese New Year The largest population migration in the world.





Hello everyone, my name is XX. I'm going to speak here today. This is a story.

It's called & lt fly away Home & GTI is like this book. It comes from Patricia Hermes. It also has a movie.

It is very touching. I am a girl of the same age as us, but from the perspective of the ancients, her mother is dead (or dead, =) and little Amy has to go to Canada to live with her father. She sat there for the first time in nine years of separation.

She couldn't adapt to the environment here. She missed her mother. She didn't want to go to school until she found goose eggs in the swamp.

Amy was very surprised and happy. She took care of the geese very carefully. Finally, she didn't allow anyone to hurt them.

The goose was the birthplace. Her father was very happy, but the goose had to fly to the north in winter, so Amy's father was very happy Amy was convinced to help the goose fly home from the south of Canada to the United States. In the process of her father's injury, Amy had to finish the last kilometer by herself.

Amy succeeded. She helped the goose fly home. The next year, the goose was roasted to Amy's house.

It was a real story in Canada. But in fact, the goose came back only for, but it was still a touching story Love it. Thank you for everyone you've heard of.


大家好,我的名字是xx今天我要在这里演讲,这是一个故事,它叫&lt Fly away home&gtI就像这本书,它来自帕特丽夏·赫尔墨斯,它也有一部电影,很感人我是一个像我们一样的岁女孩,但是从古人的角度来看,她的母亲已经死了(或者说死亡,=)小艾米不得不去加拿大和父亲住在一起。她xx年的分离第一次坐在那里,她无法适应这里的环境,她想念母亲,她不想上学,直到她在沼泽地里发现了鹅蛋艾米非常惊讶和高兴,她非常小心地照顾鹅,最后她不允许任何人伤害他们,鹅是出生地,她的父亲很高兴,但鹅必须飞到北方在冬天,所以艾米的父亲说服艾米帮助鹅飞回家从加拿大南部到美国,在父亲受伤的过程中,艾米必须自己完成最后一公里,艾米成功了,她帮助鹅飞回家第xx年,鹅被烤到艾米的房子绝对是一个真实的故事在加拿大发生的,但事实上,鹅回来只是为了,但这仍然是一个感人的故事,我喜欢它谢谢你听过的每一个人。


Basketball is a sport, which is usually carried out in the indoor court. A team of five players from two teams tries to drop the ball from one of the two baskets by throwing an inflatable ball. Due to the continuous action and frequent scoring of basketball, the ball falls from one of the two baskets.

Basketball is one of the most popular spectator and participant sports in the world One. American and international basketball courts are slightly different in size. The basketball court is a rectangular area, ranging in size from about M × m (about ft × ft) to m × m (about M × m) (each backboard is fixed to the wall, suspended from the ceiling, or other installation methods, and its lower edge is about the specified basketball, which is an inflatable, leather or nylon covered ball, weighing from to grams to ounces), and the circumference About cm (about good.



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