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关于”居家隔离“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:home quarantine。以下是关于居家隔离的xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:home quarantine

How did colonialism affect the construction, governance and public order of metropolitan areas? In the past few years, white Europeans have often used their economic and military power to build and reconstruct urban landscapes in order to grab the safest, healthiest and nicest parts for themselves. Even in places where colonial rule has become a distant memory, many urban environments cannot be understood and their foundation should not be regarded as a strengthened enclave, because the Europeans are inclined to To buy goods or open markets, Calcutta (now Calcutta) was established by a member of the British East India Company. In order to resist the supremacy of the local Muslims, it later competed with London for Calcutta, the largest metropolis of the British Empire.

On the eve of the first World War, as a large number of Europeans moved to the remote corners of their expanding Empire, colonialism itself and the resulting split cities reached their peak. They need to feel both physically and psychologically Comfort, which means that other groups are being treated more and more cruelly. For example, Mr.

Nightingale shows the root causes of apartheid in South Africa, much earlier than the National Party won the election. Their colonial plan led to the establishment of white and non white areas in Johannesburg half a century ago, which later became clearer, which shocked a racial ideology and The enthusiasm of apartheid in a world where colonialism has been challenged and disintegrated does not erupt in a vacuum, but is based on an existing space allocation system that reflects the needs of imperial elites.




Due to the progress of Internet and modern communication technology, working at home has become a reality for some people. People can now work from home, and they can always connect with the companies they work with via the Internet and other communication devices. The above group of photos show us some typical pictures of people working at home.

Since the emergence of this new working mode, many people have appreciated and enthusiastically advocated it, because there are some obvious advantages of working at home. The biggest advantage is that the working hours become flexible, people can better balance career and family, and people can manage more effectively Take care of your family more with your own time. In addition, working at home can free people from the sudden change of weather and busy traffic.

The company will be able to reduce costs by reducing the working space and the money needed for daily work. However, every penny has two sides. There are also some disadvantages of working at home, such as less interpersonal communication and development of loneliness.

The biggest problem is the loss of team spirit, which is public It is indispensable for us to succeed in the competitive society.





[g é L í] isolated to an independent explanatory message: example: he's been quarantined for a week, and I'm going to leave the isolation zone in five days. The violent prisoner should be isolated from the others. The patient should be separated from the others.

This child is taken away from his parents by transformer isolation technology under the advice of social work isolation. Isolate the patient from other isolation devices. Vodan isolate the hospital.

Isolate the infection Isolation gate transistors for sexual diseases, IGT.



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