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关于”当志愿者的经历“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Experience as a volunteer。以下是关于当志愿者的经历的xx年级英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Experience as a volunteer

International Trade Fair ‰ Dear Sir or Madam thank you for taking the time to read my letter when the international trade fair is coming. I very much hope to be a volunteer all our citizens are the hosts of this special event. I promise that I will try my best to serve the distinguished guests from all over the world warmly, and I have a rich understanding of Chinese history I am not only the servant of our splendid culture, but also the carrier of our splendid culture.

As we all know, English, as an international language, will play an important role in communication during the Expo, and I am good at it. I can express my ideas fluently and clearly in English. In short, I believe that I can be a qualified volunteer.

If I can be accepted as your volunteer, I will try my best to be your volunteer. As we know, in many countries, the outbreak of H1N1 influenza is becoming more and more serious, and more and more cases are reported every day. It believes that the transmission mode of H1N1 influenza is the same as that of regular seasonal influenza virus, that is, from human body If you are sick, stay at home, don't work or go to school, limit your contact with others to avoid it If you infect them, the bacteria on your nose or mouth will spread.

Finally, H1N1 is not a fatal disease, it can be cured, so don't be nervous and stay calm as usual.


国际贸易博览会‰尊敬的先生或女士 感谢您在国际贸易博览会即将到来之际抽出时间阅读我的信,我非常希望成为一名志愿者 我们所有的公民都是这次特别活动的东道主,我保证,我将努力热情地为来自世界各地的贵宾服务,而且我对中国历史有着丰富的了解,所以我不仅是我们灿烂文化的仆人,也是我们灿烂文化的载体,而且众所周知,英语作为一种国际语言,在博览会期间,我将在交流中发挥重要作用,而且我很擅长,我可以用英语流利清晰地表达自己的想法。总之,我相信我可以成为一名合格的志愿者,如果我能被接纳为你的志愿者,我会尽我所能去做你的志愿者,正如我们所知,在许多国家,H1N1流感的爆发日益严重,每天都有越来越多的病例被报告,它认为H1N1流感的传播方式与常规季节性流感病毒相同,即从人身上传播,主要是通过病毒携带者的咳嗽和喷嚏,这里有一些日常措施,我们应该首先保持健康,咳嗽或打喷嚏时用纸巾捂住口鼻,经常用肥皂和水洗手,尤其是咳嗽或打喷嚏后,避免接触眼睛,如果你生病了,呆在家里不工作或不上学,限制与他人的接触,以避免传染给他们,鼻子或嘴上的细菌就会传播。最后,H1N1流感不是一种致命的疾病,是可以治愈的,所以不要紧张,像往常一样保持冷静。


Three years have passed since the last Olympic Games. The most exciting moment for Chinese people is coming. Because the Olympic Games will be held in Beijing, it shows that our country is becoming stronger and stronger.

It will attract many foreigners to our country. This is not only an opportunity to show the world China's great changes, but also a great challenge to our country. Every Chinese people are doing their best for it Be ready for the most important activities in the near future.

Believe it or not, there is an old man who is listening to the radio. He learns English in middle school instead of listening to his favorite games. What should we do before the Olympic Games? The answer is: it is good to be a volunteer first.

It is necessary to do something useful to keep our environment clean. We can help the cleaner clean We can also tell the children to throw the garbage into the garbage can. Second, we must obey the traffic rules.

When the traffic lights turn green, don't jump in the queue while waiting for the third bus. We should learn to be polite and friendly. Have you ever given your seat to a woman with children? The old man is carrying a heavy schoolbag.

You once helped a disabled person Help those who have difficulties, our society will eventually become more and more beautiful, learning English is helpful, China is a great country with a long history, it has a lot of things to attract foreigners, we can use English to help people around the world to learn more about China, the Olympic Games is our pride, if everyone can make their own contribution, the Olympic Games It will be more successful. So get ready and join us. Every morning I go to the park to help clean the park.

I usually go to the children's hospital to tell stories to the children. My friends, I always buy some presents for the children. They think that the children need help and love.

So we went to the old people in the summer vacation, which made me very happy that they were kind and friendly. I felt very happy to be a volunteer We help others.




When I heard that the 10th National Games will be held in this city, I was very excited. My name is XX. I am a high school student.

I want to be a volunteer for the Olympic Games. I like English and sports very much. I like to make friends and I am willing to help others.

In this period of time, I can be an excellent translator of every sport. I hope the National Games will be a great success. I hope I can be selected as a thank you.




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