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关于”科幻“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:science fiction。以下是关于科幻的初二英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

关于”科幻“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:science fiction。以下是关于科幻的初二英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:science fiction

Before the Iranian revolution, the then US president, Jimmy Carter, visited Iran. He had a formal meeting with the king of Iran. King palevi's English was very good, and there was no need for translation.

But the king spoke English with a strong accent, which led to misunderstanding on a major issue. But interestingly, Carter, as a southerner, also had an accent, so misunderstanding became a misunderstanding Double. That's why in their conversation, Carter mentioned an African organization and asked the king to make a comprehensive essment of it.

The king didn't think highly of the organization because he found that there were many internal problems in the organization, so he used the word "powerless" to describe it. The trouble was that he put the stress on the second syllable when he ounced it. This word sounds like "important" to Carter, because it happened that Carter himself thought that the organization was in the United States before the Iranian revolution Jimi Carter visited Iran, and he held formal talks with him.

King parevi's English is very good, and there is no need for translation. But the king's English accent leads to a major misunderstanding. But interestingly, Carter is a southerner, and he has a voice, so the misunderstanding becomes double.

That's why in their conversation, Carter mentioned an African organization and asked the king to make a comprehensive essment of it. The king didn't think highly of the organization because he found that there were many internal problems in the organization, so he used it. He put the stress on the second syllable.

To Carter, the word sounded like "important", because Carter thought the organization was a very important organization. He was glad that their opinions should be "consistent" and "yes, I agree with the organization It's very important, "he repeated to the king.





Reading science fiction instead of clic novels and romance is becoming more and more popular. This is a hot topic in recent years for many reasons. First of all, after years of development, China's national economy has made great achievements.

It has become the third largest economy after the United States and Japan. Last year, its exports surped Germany and became the world's largest exporter, Therefore, it is not surprising to see that many people like science fiction. In addition to the attractive plot of science fiction, the story is vivid and interesting.

It also describes some things that have not happened in real life. This is a big selling point for young people, especially those in the 1980s and 1990s. Another reason is that the science fiction movies of Hollywood in the United States have raised the awareness of Science in China Gao has made a great contribution, but it is widely circulated in the world that if we immerse ourselves in science fiction, it will harm us.

For example, our health, our eyes or brain will be under great pressure, so we should read these masterpieces in an appropriate way, not indulge in the original. I hope my answer can help you^^.




① ② One day in my life is seven o'clock in early April. When I wake up, my wife is still sleeping. I rush to Tianjin to attend an important meeting.

I tell my robot to prepare breakfast. I go out of the bathroom to take a bath. My breakfast is ready on the table.

I eat the food. I think I prefer my wife to cook It's a robot. I hope she can teach our robot how to cook bertratt.

At 7:30, I walked out of the villa and took out my office. I set my destination and arrival time. Then I started to work for the meeting.

The traffic has changed beyond people's imagination. You don't need to worry about traffic jams or traffic accidents. Although you can't see the traffic lights on the highway or the police cars driving at the speed of kilometers per hour are programmed by computer.

② the meeting is over, I'm tired I came out to breathe the fresh spring air. The flowers were fragrant and the birds were singing. My mind goes back to many years ago, when the government was busy developing the economy and didn't pay attention to the polluted environment, air, water and marine animals.

But now everything has changed. All the factories have moved to underground chimneys and become an afternoon pastime. I flew to Lanzhou to see Mr.

Tom Peterson, who is in charge of the space Immigration Center. I went into a beauty salon My trip to Lanzhou was short but fruitful. Tom said that if my health examination ped, my wife and I could go to the moon.

I immediately called my wife and told her the good news from a small screen. I could see that she was as excited as I was. When I got the call, I was even more overjoyed to welcome me home for a delicious dinner cooked by my wife.


① ②③④⑤⑥汤姆·彼得森⑦生活中的一天是xx月初七点,当我醒来的时候,我妻子还在睡觉我赶时间去天津参加一个重要的会议,我告诉我的机器人准备早餐,我走出浴室去洗澡,我的早餐已经在餐桌上准备好了吃了这些食物,我觉得我还是喜欢我的妻子做饭,而不是机器人。我希望她能教我们的机器人如何烹饪贝特拉特。七点半,我走出别墅,拿出办公室,我把目的地和到达时间都定好了,然后开始为会议工作交通发生了超乎人们想象的变化你不再需要担心交通堵塞或交通事故尽管在高速公路看不到红绿灯或以每小时公里速度行驶的都是电脑编程的②会议结束了,我累了,我走出来呼吸春天的新鲜空气,花香扑鼻,鸟儿欢唱。

我的思绪又回到了多年前,那时忙于发展经济,而对污染的环境,空气,水,海洋动物都不重视,但是现在一切都变了所有的工厂都搬到了地下烟囱变成了下午的消遣,我一下飞机就飞到兰州去见负责太空移民中心的汤姆·彼得森先生,我走进一家美容院③来恢复精神④我的兰州之旅虽然短暂但收获颇丰汤姆说,如果健康检查合格,我和我妻子就可以去月球了。我马上打电话给我妻子,从一个小屏幕上告诉她这个好消息我可以看到她和我一样兴奋,当我接到电话时,我更是喜出望外欢迎我回家吃一顿由我妻子亲自烹制的美味晚餐①别墅[vil]n②计算机编程③saloon[s lu:n]n④refresh[rifreM]v。

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