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关于”二胎的素材“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Material for the second child。以下是关于二胎的素材的考研英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

关于”二胎的素材“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Material for the second child。以下是关于二胎的素材的考研英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Material for the second child

As a new way of people's daily life, online shopping is bound to have its attraction. While enjoying online shopping, Internet users consider using the Internet to complete shopping, which not only saves time and effort, but also has the opportunity to buy rare goods in the local market. For some white-collar workers, students and consumers who pursue novelty, it can be regarded as a fashionable way, and they are not willing to use the Internet Online shopping people are most worried about the quality of goods is difficult to guarantee, and the root of this worry comes from the virtualization of the network and the lack of commercial credit.

The traditional concept of consumption culture is also more willing to let most people shop in the mall. Moreover, for the consumers with business desire, not being able to experience in advance is a major obstacle to commodities. In addition, the security of online transactions is hidden Users are most worried about privacy violations and malicious people stealing bank accounts and pwords.

On this basis, eBay, Sohu, Taobao, Dangdang and other websites have launched large personal trading platforms. Although online shopping has both positive and negative sides, as long as consumers can seriously identify the authenticity of online articles, grasp the sense of propriety, and partite in the network correctly and reasonably Go, then most of the problems can be effectively avoided o (∩∩) O.




We won't feel lonely if we depend on our parents at home and make friends by friends when we go out. When we are in a bad mood, we can tell our friends and share some difficult things together. You can find a friend to help you find a good friend.

In life, we go together. How can we make friends? First of all, we remember our names Awareness, name is the first step in friends. Remember your name, call out your name accurately, and meet again in time.

You will feel that you are a determined person who is willing to interact with you and help yoemember your name. We should learn to listen to the interaction time, listen to what the other side says, and don't interrupt the conversation of the other party. We must wait until we are finished.

Don't stop If you are a person, don't jump to a conclusion if you don't listen to me. I can tell you something about yourself, such as what hobbies you like and let your friends know more about you. The other party will think you are his friend.

When you start dating, don't say too much. If you want to be a friend, you should communicate with each other. Everyone has his own ideas and know each other What do you think, why someone will say, to understand clearly who will listen, do not blindly insist on their own, do not want to step back, the bright future should learn to praise each other at an appropriate time, when all people do not understand, as his friend, encourage him to go, can say: Well, I believe you, come on, I will always support you and so on, you When the other party does well in some aspects, we should praise each other.

For example, in learning, he has achieved good results, he won awards in the game, etc. in communication, don't think too much about thinking that disadvantage is a blessing. When dealing with people, we don't always think that I can ask for something from each other, but learn to give, if we want to If you get something, it's very difficult to be a true friend.

I don't think you will get anything from the other party, and you won't consider how to use the other party. Instead, you can just ask for nothing. In the communication, we can also talk about some topics related to the future, so that the other party will think that you are a long-term consideration.




There are two monks living next door, so-called next door: the mountain they are adjacent to the two mountains in the temple this is a stream between the two mountains so the two monks swim down to water at the same time every day as time goes by, they become friends so, every time they are in the water, they have spent five years unconsciously and then suddenly one day, the boy left the mountain without water ‰ the mountain monk on the right thought: "he overslept" and then the same ‰ look, God knows whether the mountain is or not, the monk is on the third day a week later, or similar until a month later, on the right side of the mountain, the last monk he thought: "my friend, I may be ill, the last visit to him, see what can help"; so he climbed up the mountain to visit his old friend; he arrived The house on the mountain he saw his friends and was very surprised because all his friends played Tai Chi in front of the temple nothing like a month to drink he asked: "Qi Qi, wait for you to have a month, go down to the water you can't drink leaving the mountain, the monk said:" come on, I'll take you to have a look " and then he took the monk on the mountain to the backyard just as akujing said:" after I finish my homework in the past five years Today, I finally dig a well. I don't have to water any more. Can I have more time? Do I like Taijiquan.


隔壁住着两个和尚,所谓的就是隔壁:那座山 他们在寺庙里的两座山相邻 这是两座山之间的一条小溪 于是这两个和尚,每天同时往下游浇水 随着时间的推移,他们成了朋友 所以,每次在水中,不知不觉中自己过了xx年 然后突然有一天,男孩离开山上没有水下来‰右边的山和尚想:“他睡过头了”然后一样‰看,天知道山与否,和尚是在第三天 一个星期后,或类似的 直到一个月后,在山的右边,最后一个和尚 他想:“我的朋友,我可能生病了最后一次访问他, 看什么可帮忙“;于是他爬上山去拜访他的老朋友;他到了山上的房子 看到了他的朋友,很惊讶 因为他的朋友都在寺庙前打太极 什么也不像一个月能喝 他问:“七气等你有一个月,下去水 你不能喝” 离开山和尚说:“来吧,我带你去看看“ 然后他带着山上的和尚右转走到后院 正如阿寇井所说:“这xx年我做完作业后,我每天都要串7 这次挖坑口虽然有时很忙,甚至能挖多少 今天,我终于挖井了,我不用再浇水了,我能有更多的时间,我喜欢太极拳吗。

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