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In order to achieve success, Ernest Hemingway, we can't go every way. Success must follow the same line to win success. We must make our career a life goal, and everyone must obey it.

If something is right, I hate to give up halfway. If it is wrong, I will boldly do it instead of doing it. People in history don't always look at the mirror.

Some say, some say that it is only by living with lofty ideals that one can succeed. It is not what one has done, but what one has tried to do that makes one have a strong "eternal vigilance". This is because of them We have confidence in our work, "is the price of freedom".

In the same way, we can say, "unremitting efforts are the price of success." if we don't work as hard as we can, others will, and they will surpass us in the competition and get prizes from our harvest. Success is more and more independent of luck and opportunity. Distrust is the reason for most of our failures.

Personality is right Personality is a crystallization habit, the result of training and belief. Every character is influenced by heredity, environment and education. But as an architect of his own character, he will be a fatalist, an irresponsible environmental creature.

Instead of saying that man is the product of environment, he is the architect of environment with materials and materials The materials used to build the palace are the same. The bricks and mortar of the other hut are mortar and brick, until the architect can make them into something else. The real way to get more is never to crave too much, because men don't care about what they can't have.




See you in three days (excerpt) Helen Keller, one of us, has read some thrilling stories in which the protagonist's life is limited to a specific time, sometimes as long as a year, sometimes as short as 24 hours, but we are always interested in finding out how the doomed man chooses to spend his last few days or the last hours I say, The story of the free man who has the right to choose, rather than the criminal whose sphere of activity is strictly limited, makes us think about what we should do under similar circumstances? As a human being, what should we do in the last few hours? We should find what kind of happiness we should find in the process of looking back on the past. Unfortunately, sometimes I think it is a good rule to regard every day as a way of life that will die tomorrow. This attitude will strongly emphasize the value of life.

We should live every day in a gentle and energetic way. When time continues to extend in the coming days and months, we tend to You lose a sense of appreciation. Of course, these people will adopt the hedonistic motto of eating, drinking, and having fun, but most of them will be punished by the impending death.




On Sunday, my family and I went to the park near our school. This park held an interesting garden party. On Sunday, there were many people there.

There were many old people doing morning exercises. There were many children and their parents going for a walk. I saw my classmate XX rowing there.

I said hello, she made me like rowing with her, so I sat down The boat and XX talked for a while, then we stopped the boat and planted a few lilies there, which are my favorite flowers. I took a few photos with my digital camera, and my mobile phone rang. This is a saying that I should not give up when I was a child.

My teacher often said that I should not give up. When I was a child, there was a saying, don't give up, never give up, my teacher's experience We are often warned not to give up. No matter what problems we encounter, there is always hope.

No matter how difficult the problems are, we should not stop our work. We must have a belief that the most beautiful scenery will appear at the highest place. There are also many examples, such as Zhang Haidi, Zheng Zhihua, Helen Keller, and so on.

All of them have achieved success through their efforts. In a word, if we have dreams, we should try our best to realize our dreams. We should not give up g.

that's my mother. She told me to go back.



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