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关于”以我的青春为题“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Take my youth as the topic。以下是关于以我的青春为题的中考英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

关于”以我的青春为题“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Take my youth as the topic。以下是关于以我的青春为题的中考英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Take my youth as the topic

"An inch of time is an inch of gold, and an inch of gold can't buy an inch of time." as the saying goes, we should cherish time. Time should fly like an arrow. In a ling of an eye, year after year, the time slot slips away from the fingertips.

Sometimes it may seem very slow. We can read an article in a minute. Whether the time is fast or slow depends on how we treat it.

We should cherish time and arrange the rest of our lives reasonably Every day, you can read a book in your spare time, reear what you have done, and think of famous celebrities. This is not time value. Maybe you have heard such a story: it is said that the tramp wasted the good time of youth and asked the old man to bring him back to his former Youth.

He still did not know how to cherish time, and still had nothing. I want to be like this If a person does not know how to cherish time, it is useless for you to give him more opportunities. However, those who know how to cherish time will find time everywhere or squeeze time to make use of it.

Don't say too much. I have a Mao Lingxiao, the monitor of our class, who can always finish the homework in school. Why is it that she is seriously doing the daily rest when we are reading at noon every day When the game was free to play, she wrote one time in the attendance book.

Our class held a squadron meeting. Everything was ready, but the teacher was not slow, and the students were very hy. Every noisy "naughty king" Li Zhonghan and Bai Shengkui "dodge" fought.

The boys and girls around were smiling and our girls were also moved. When they played the finger game, Mao Aoxiang picked up a composition book Writing, I admire is such a noisy environment, she even Wensi, such as spring, the next morning to write straight, students one by one, I am sleepy, because last night I finished a job, busy until nine o'clock, not to mention other homework, that tired and revitalization of Mao is not the same, she is still elated, a "sand man" did not bring her report to class The train of thought of answering the question is very clear. Unlike us, we are not comfortable.

Ask her again. We have finished our homework at 8:00 p.m. and read the extracurricular books.

I really envy that we are fair to any one of us when we arrive at the time of dying. We should not exceed one minute for a few hours a day, and we should study for one second. We should see how we grasp it, learn how to monitor and cherish our time.




My future is not a dream. I like this song. It gives me confidence.

Every time I believe that as long as we have the courage to pursue our dreams, all our dreams will come true. When I was young, my father always asked me what the future would be. Sometimes I found it difficult to give a positive answer.

I wanted to be a doctor. I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to be a science Home, many answers may be very childish and ridiculous, but I never think they are far away from us, who can give him a definition of the future? I know clearly that these high-rise buildings are built on a solid foundation.

As a student, I should have a reasonable goal and study hard. My goal is to enter the best university after graduation from middle school and continue to study. I know its efforts, I will encounter many difficulties and setbacks, but no matter what, I will continue to work hard and never give up.

My teacher said that there is only one kind of person who is really successful: a brave person, even if I can't achieve my goal, I have to endure difficulties, I don't regret what I have done, because I fight for my life.




I love my class because I am a member of her. She is the cradle of my growth. She makes me have countless partners.

I love my class because she brings me infinite warmth. She is my warm home. She makes me realize the sweetness of my love for my class.

She brings me the hope of success. She is the country where I work hard. She makes me taste the harvest After the bitter, I love my class, because she gives me unlimited hiness, she is my growth paradise, she let me enjoy the glory of the sun).



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