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关于”曹禺的版“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Cao Yu's version。以下是关于曹禺的版的小升初英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

关于”曹禺的版“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Cao Yu's version。以下是关于曹禺的版的小升初英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Cao Yu's version

Durant gained control of Buick Motor Company in, and regained its power through Buick. This is one of the four leading automobile companies. Durant has foresight on the unlimited possibilities of automobiles, especially medium-sized vehicles, and tries to use these possibilities to establish a large-scale enterprise based on m production.

He hoped that his company would have sufficient funds to sell all kinds of cars and produce many of its own parts, because Henry Ford wanted to pay in cash, so after the failure of his attempt to buy Ford Motor Company in, Durant set up general motors the second year after he started working with Buick and added Cadillac, ozmobil, Auckland (Pontiac and others smaller) Durant, whose company was over expanded, needed the intervention of the Bank Consortium to reduce the debt burden. Durant returned to the auto business. With the support of the DuPont family, Chevrolet Motor regained control of .

General Motors is one of the largest industrial enterprises in the United States. However, Durant seldom exercises his power and controls the business of General Motors too decentralized. As a result, Durant overreacted in the stock market when the panic broke out.

He tried to support the price of shares, but failed. In, he was forced out of the company by the DuPont family in, and he founded D Urant motors, which failed to become a major car manufacturer After the great depression, Durant's bankruptcy company was dissolved. During the rest of his life, he worked in various commercial enterprises, but failed to achieve remarkable success.

He died in New York in March. He was a pioneer in the automobile industry, and his most famous creation, general motors, has been since his first Some accidental ideas dominated the automobile market. For example, General Motors entered the refrigerator manufacturing industry and achieved great success.

However, Durant has never been successful in organizational and managerial structure, enough for the giant enterprise he founded to turn into an immortal monument to his successor.


杜兰特于年获得别克汽车公司的控制权,并通过别克重振雄风,这是四大领先汽车公司之一杜兰特对汽车的无限可能有着远见卓识,尤其是中型车,并试图利用这些可能性,建立一个基于批量生产的大型企业。他希望他的公司能有充足的资金,销售各种汽车,并生产自己的许多部件,因为亨利·福特想用现金支付,所以在年试图收购福特汽车公司失败后,杜兰特成立通用汽车公司的第xx年,他开始与别克,并增加了凯迪拉克,奥兹莫比尔,奥克兰(庞蒂亚克和其他较小的公司杜兰特过度扩张,而到了通用汽车需要银行财团的介入,以减轻债务负担杜兰特回到汽车业务在雪佛兰汽车在杜邦家族的支持下,他恢复了对通用汽车的控制。通用汽车是美国最大的工业企业之一,但杜兰特很少行使权力对通用汽车公司业务的控制过于分散,以至于在恐慌发生时,杜兰特在股票市场上表现过度,他试图支撑通用汽车股票的价格,但没有成功,他于年被杜邦家族强行挤出公司,他创办了杜兰特汽车公司(Durant Motors),这家公司未能成为一家主要的汽车生产商杜兰特汽车公司(Durant Motors)在车祸发生时就已经摇摇欲坠了大萧条之后,汽车销量急剧下降,导致杜兰特破产的公司解散在他余下的岁月里,他从事过各种各样的商业企业,但没有取得显著的成功,他于xx月在纽约去世,他是汽车工业的先驱,而他最著名的创作,通用汽车,自从他的一些偶然的想法,就主导了汽车市场,例如,通用汽车公司进入冰箱制造业,取得了巨大的成功。



A lot of people complain about their situation. They think that life is bad and they can't do anything about it. But when we see that the disabled live a happy life and have made great achievements, we have nothing to complain about.

A disabled person without feet looks so miserable, but he learns basic skills and lives an ordinary life. His story inspires many people They think that what they are facing is not serious disabled people with strong will and invisible wings, which makes them successful. Therefore, we should not complain, find all kinds of excuses and strive for our dream.

When people talk about the red cross today, they shake their heads and distrust the organization. The reaction to the group is that about four years ago, when a girl was showing off her luxury in the public media, she told people that her father was a member of the Red Cross and that more and more people knew her. They thought they had been cheated by the organization and that the money they donated was not used correctly.

This incident has had a great negative impact on the Red Cross Society. People no longer trust it. They are not willing to donate money to me.

I will not donate money to organizations. I choose to donate money to people in need, so that the money will not be taken away by others. We must let this person get the real money http://wwwadrepcn/.





It is said that there was no one in the two minutes of heaven and earth. It was Nuwa who made people out of yellow mud. She dipped the rope into the mud and lifted it.

The mud dripping from the rope has also become a man. The man made of yellow mud is rich and le. In ancient times, the things that carry the rope are r and low.

The four corners of the sky collapse. The sky is divided into nine parts. The things below can't be covered.

The earth can't carry all the things. A big fire will burn and it won't extinguish. A fierce flood will run around and can't be stopped.

Sae beasts devour innocent people. The ferocious bird preys on the weak and ancient Nuwa's melted five colored rocks, and uses them to repair the cracks in the four corners of the sky. She cuts her legs from a giant turtle.

She kills the black dragon in order to save the people of J1, blocks the flood with reed ash, mends the sky, opens the four corners, tames the flood, calms down Jizhou, and kills the harmful animals and birds, so that innocent people can be saved Living on the square earth under the dome is an age when birds, beasts, insects, snakes no longer use claws, teeth or stings, because they don't want to catch or eat weak things.




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