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关于”我和朋友的一些小事“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Some little things between me and my friends。以下是关于我和朋友的一些小事的雅思英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Some little things between me and my friends

Despite the opposition of public opinion, many students are still unable to get out of video games. It seems that the more forbidden they are to play games, the more tempting they are. Therefore, many students indulge in playing these games.

Firstly, it is harmful to individuals and society in many aspects. Sitting in front of the computer for a long time is harmful to the health of young people, to the eyesight of players and to the whole body. Secondly, they distract young people's attention from work and study, even at work Sometimes players forget to go to work or class.

They are still thinking about the games they play after work or after class. As a result, they quickly lag behind others in work and study; third, they lead to moral degradation of young people. Some young people are particularly interested in violent games.

If they play these games for a long time, they may also resolve their differences through violence, which may lead to higher crime rate. Therefore, we should take effective measures to solve this problem On the one hand, young people should be fully aware of the dangers of video games. On the other hand, illegal video game houses should be eliminated.

Software manufacturers should be encouraged to make more useful video games in the future.




A group of people with ability and belief support each other for a common goal in a specific team. It can mobilize all the resources and talents of team members. It will automatically eliminate all disharmony and injustice, and at the same time, it will give those sincere and fair dedication the due reward.

This is teamwork, a team can not use them so harmoniously The key is to understand the reasons for their disharmony. Every internal and external conflict is a reminder of team improvement. The most important leader is also an opportunity for personal growth.

He should review the overall control and discussion of the whole event process, analyze the strengths and weaknesses, so that he can deeply understand the crux of the problem, influence his own heart, and urge himself to change. Only a perfect team can create it The perfect individual.




Introduction you have an hour IELTS writing test. You need to make two writing tasks, which are a short report (C word) using the data or information given on the question paper. This information is presented graphically and can be any of the following: a chart (bar chart or line pie chart, table or flow chart) from different sources.

It can also be assumed that you should spend about a minute on a task, which is an article (C word) on a given topic. There is no selected topic, but it usually includes discussing two points of view and giving your own opinions. You should It's time to spend about a few minutes on tasks, which have a greater impact on your final score than on tasks.

These two tasks will be discussed in detail below, but here are some general tips: before the test: Scientists and statisticians usually prefer tasks. It's important to practice these two types of tasks until you are confident, but have been tested In the process, you can start with the type you are most familiar with. If you have enough time to finish it, you will have more time to do it.

On the contrary, spend on the things you don't like most. Maybe it's better to do the most difficult ones first, because when reading English, you can produce another one more easily. Pay attention to the useful words and phrases, pay attention to the grammatical structure of sentences, and the sentences in comparison Connect in long paragraphs, use good reading skills, and use the text as your own writing model in the test: write paragraphs with complete sentences and structures.

Don't use ICQ or SMS style English. Take a minute or two before you start writing to make a basic plan or outline, especially when you're pressed for time, so you don't panic, and And keep your mind as you write. Note: if your text is much shorter than the required number of words (task 1 = word, task 2 = word), then you will be punished for practicing handwriting (perhaps you haven't done this for some time), and then use this method to calculate the average number of words per line.

You know how many lines of cill IELTS writing exercise material you need to generate in the offline test Books these provide a complete mock test for self-test. Cambridge University's IELTS preparation course. IELTS insight by V.

jakeman & C McDowell preparation course "focus on IELTS" s O'Connell, Longman press's "how to prepare for IELTS" of British Cultural Association.


简介你有一个小时的雅思写作测试你需要制作两份写作任务是一份简短的报告(c字)使用问题纸上给出的数据或信息。这些信息是以图形形式出现的,可以是以下任何一种:图表(条形图或折线饼图、表格或流程图不同来源也可以假设你应该花大约分钟在任务上,任务是一篇关于某个给定主题的文章(c字),没有选择的主题,但它通常包括讨论两个观点并给出你自己的意见,你应该花大约几分钟的时间在任务上,这对你的最终分数比任务影响更大,下面将详细讨论这两个任务,但是以下是一些一般的提示:在测试前:科学家和统计学家通常更喜欢任务人文学科学生的任务非常重要的是练习这两种类型的任务直到你有信心为止但是在测试过程中,你可以从你最熟悉的类型开始,如果你有足够的时间来完成它,你就有更多的时间去做相反地,花在你最不喜欢的东西上,也许最好先做最难的,因为在阅读英语时,你可以更容易地产生另一个,注意有用的词汇和短语,注意句子的语法结构,以及句子在较长段落中的连接方式,使用良好的阅读能力在测试中,把文本作为你自己写作的模式:用完整的句子和结构把你写成段落不要使用ICQ或短信风格英语在你开始写作前花一两分钟来制定一个基本的计划或大纲,特别是在你时间紧迫的情况下,这样你就不会慌张了,并且在你写作的时候保持你的思路。注意:如果你的文字比要求的字数短得多(任务1=单词,任务2=单词),那么你将受到惩罚练习手写(也许你已经有一段时间没有这样做了),然后用这种方法计算每行的平均单词数,你知道你需要在离线测试中生成多少行CILL雅思写作练习材料剑桥大学的练习试卷书籍这些为自测提供完整的模拟考试剑桥大学的样本材料文件夹剑桥大学的雅思准备课程,《雅思洞察》作者:V Jakeman&C McDowell准备课程“关注雅思”S O'Connell,朗文出版社英国文化协会的“如何准备雅思”。

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