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关于”常出现的话题“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Common topics。以下是关于常出现的话题的托福英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

关于”常出现的话题“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Common topics。以下是关于常出现的话题的托福英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Common topics

"Eighth place in my high school graduating class"; "Education: no education or experience"; "I am relatively smart, obedient and loyal like a puppy"; "my salary should be at least equal to my age"; "the reason for leaving: related to the IRS, the FBI, and the securities and Exchange Commission"; "I was fired because I was fighting for a low salary"; "employer size: No Chang Gao, probably more than 6 "5"; "please ignore the attached resume, which is very outdated"; "reason for leaving: my boss said the end of the world is coming"; "reason for leaving: the boss gave the word" paranoia "a new meaning, I prefer to explain it in detail in private"; "the following is my qualifications, let you ignore"; "advantage: I can complete the task on time Holding composer " " I am a crazy tyt " " working history: performing brain wave test " " from several different perspectives, I decided to engage in a new line of work " " accounting documents " " prosecution. I have more than five years of experience in yzing investment " " doubt about graduation early next year " " disposal of $1 billion assets " " proved to be able to track and correct Love " " achievement: Supervision of the whole department " " I'm a perfectionist and seldom forget the details " " achievement: high school graduation number " " note: put this resume at the top, heat your house with everything else " " assist in daily preparation of a large number of consumer goods in a fast-paced environment " "But wait a minute" you'll get more business knowledge and second nature marketing skills " " I have a good record, although I'm not a horse " " my lucky cookie said, "you'll find a job in your next interview." I especially like your company's Title: another resume from the excellent profile series, also known as: health Mr. productivity, Mr.

smart, repairman ";" reliable references, if I give them a few dollars ";" let's meet so that you can "Oh" and "ah".


“在我高中毕业班中获得第八名”;“学历:没有学历或经验”;“我相对聪明,听话,像只小狗一样忠诚”;“我的薪酬至少应与我的年龄相等”;“离职原因:与国税局、联邦调查局和证券交易委员会有关”;“因为我争取低工资而被解雇”;“雇主规模:非常高,可能超过了6“5”;“请不要理会随附的简历,这是非常过时的”;“离职原因:我的老板说世界末日就要到了”;“离职原因:老板给了“偏执狂”一词新的含义我更愿意私下里详细阐述”;“以下是我的资历,让你忽略”;“优点:能按时完成任务在保持作曲家“ ”我是一个疯狂的打字员“ ”工作历史:执行脑波测试“ ”从几个不同的角度的建议后,我决定从事一个新的工作线“ ”会计文书“ ”起诉,我有超过xx年的经验分析投资“ ”怀疑明年初毕业“ ”处置美元十亿资产“ ”被证明有能力追踪和纠正“ “成就:对整个部门的监督” “我是一个完美主义者,很少会忘记细节” “成就:高中毕业数” “注意:把这份简历放在最上面,用所有其他的东西加热你的房子” “协助日常准备在快节奏的环境下大量的消费品”(翻译:Shortorder cook “但是等一下”你会得到更多的商业知识加上对营销的第二天性的掌握“ ”我有一个很好的记录,虽然我不是一匹马“ ”我的幸运饼干说,“你的下一次面试会找到一份工作”,我特别喜欢贵公司的标题:另一份来自“卓越个人资料”系列的简历“也被称为:生产力先生、聪明先生、修理工”;“可信赖的推荐人,如果我给他们几块钱的话”;“我们见面吧,这样你就可以“哦”和“啊”了。


Yesterday was October 10th. My friends held a birthday party for me. They came to my house very early.

They brought me many presents. They like them very much. They invite them to KTV, sing, dance and play games.

In the afternoon we went to my house. My mother made a delicious dinner for us. After dinner, we watched TV, and about the afternoon we had a birthday cake.

There were 15 candlelight. Kakay gave a tacit approval on my birthday, and then I blew out the candles in one breath. I had an interesting birthday party.

We had a great time at the party. I really appreciate what they have done for mefafk.





Since the beginning of the 21st century, computers have become one of the most important parts of our lives. Many families have a computer, which can play many roles in our lives, such as chatting with friends online, sending e-mails and getting help from them (this is searching for information, but in fact, computers actually bring not benefits to our agers, but It's a lot of problems, because agers are easy to indulge in game life, which will make them get out of the track of real life, make them fall into a very bad learning environment, and eventually lead them into crime. Because they have no money to live or no work to make money, when do we use computers to relax, we must control our time to protect ourselves I'm not addicted to games.

I think playing games no more than three hours a day is the best choice to relax and make our life better and better==.



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