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Morris called his son in New York and said, Benny, I have something to tell you, but I don't want to discuss it. I just told you, because you are my oldest child, and I think you should know that I have decided that I want to divorce my mother. The son was shocked and asked his father to tell him what happened.

I don't want to think about it, but Dad, you can't just decide to divorce your mother. What happened after years together. I'm calling you just because you're my son, and I think you should know that I really don't want to get involved in this anymore.

You can call your sister and tell her that it can relieve my pain, but where can my mother talk to her? No, I don't want you to say anything to her. I haven't told her. Believe me.

It's not easy. I've been suffering for several days. I finally made a decision.

The day after tomorrow, I made an appointment with my lawyer. Dad, don't do anything rash. I'll take the first plane down and promise me to be with me You won't do anything before.

Well, well, I promise next week is Pover, and I'll postpone seeing a lawyer until said calls your sister in New Jersey and tells her the news. Half an hour later, Morris got a call from her daughter. She told him that she and her brother could get tickets and that they and their children would be in Florida the day after tomorrow.

Benny told me you didn't want to talk about it on the phone, but promise me you won't do anything until we both get there. Morris hung up his daughter's phone and turned to his wife and said, "Saha, it's a success this time, but what should we do to let them go home for the festival next time?".






Why is the divorce rate on the rise? At first glance, the rising divorce rate is a social phenomenon. Further ysis seems to be a retrogression of social civilization. It is not difficult to see its socio-economic reasons.

In the past, marriage was restricted by family background, and some talented people could not find a spouse. In their hearts, because of their family background, some people were reluctant to marry the people below them, and such marriage could not be carried With the development of the times, young people have higher and higher requirements for marriage. They hope to have more in common with their lifelong partners.

Marriage is the unity of their body and soul. When they love, they should respect and admire, not pion. Some people are too young to fall in love with their pion.

They get married when the pion disappears and the marriage is over. This is an irresponsible attitude. Young people prefer to separate rather than tolerate, so they are easy to unite and soon separate from the open policy.

More and more people are getting richer and richer. Money threatens the stability of marriage. Some people spend money on Material enjoyment, the pursuit of beautiful young women, as a result, more families broke, money can not buy true love and happiness.


为什么离婚率在上升?离婚率上升乍一看是一种社会现象,进一步分析似乎是社会文明的,不难看出其社会经济原因;过去,婚姻受家庭背景的限制,一些有才华的人找不到配偶在他们的心中,由于家庭出身的原因,有些人是心怀不情愿地嫁给他们下面的人的,这样的婚姻并不能带来幸福;随着时代的发展,年轻人对婚姻的要求越来越高,他们希望与他们的终身伴侣有更多的共同点,婚姻是他们所联系的身体和灵魂的统一爱的时候要尊重和敬佩,而不是。有些人太年轻了,在中还不能相爱,他们在消失的时候就结婚了,婚姻结束了,这是一种不负责任的态度,年轻人宁愿分开也不愿容忍,所以他们很容易团结,很快就分开了 开放政策,越来越多的人越来越富有,金钱对婚姻的稳定带来威胁一些人把钱花在物质享受上,追求漂亮的年轻女性,结果,更多的家庭破产了钱买不到真爱和幸福。


Divorce and child divorce are changing the lives of American children. In the past generation of World War II, more than% of children grew up with both parents having their own parents. Today, only half of the children do this.

Every year, more than one million children experience family disruption: about the same number of children are born out of wedlock at the same time Overall well-being has declined. Despite high public spending in history, the rate of agers has almost tripled, the juvenile crime rate has tripled, and violence has become more and more serious. Judith, a clinical psychologist Wallerstein's school performance was r, and her staff began to interview middle-cl children in San Francisco.

When their parents broke up, she found that children seemed to behave worse five years after the break-up. Her research showed that more than one-third of children experienced moderate or severe depression at the age of ten, and a considerable number of children had problems and were absent-minded at the age of ten Studies have shown that girls in single parent families are more likely than girls in two parent families to have age marriage, children born out of wedlock and divorce. This is the fact that children in broken families are almost twice as likely to drop out of school as boys in two parent families, regardless of race or income The risk of dropping out of school is higher than that of girls, and they are more likely to engage in aggressive behavior.

Over the past few years, Americans have conducted a large-scale natural experiment in family life. The results show that s benefit greatly from these changes, but they are not children. This may be the first generation to be worse psychologically and socially than their parents.


离婚和孩子离婚正在改变美国儿童的生活在过去的一代世界大战中,超过%的儿童在父母双方都有亲生父母的情况下成长,今天只有一半的孩子会这样做,每年都有超过一百万的孩子经历家庭破裂:大约有同样多的孩子同时非婚生,这些问题与家庭破裂加剧了儿童的整体幸福感下降了,尽管历史上公共开支居高不下,青少年率几乎增加了两倍,青少年犯罪率增加了两倍,暴力行为也越来越严重。临床心理学家朱迪思·沃勒斯坦(Judith Wallerstein)的学校表现很差,她的工作人员也开始采访旧金山的中产阶级儿童在他们的父母分手时,她发现孩子们在分手xx年后似乎表现得更糟,她的研究显示,超过三分之一的孩子在xx岁时经历了中度或重度的抑郁,相当一部分孩子在xx岁的时候有问题,飘忽不定,成绩不佳,很多人,现在是成年人,都在挣扎建立牢固的恋爱关系的研究表明,单亲家庭中的女孩比双亲家庭的女孩更容易发生青少年婚姻、非婚生子女和离婚的风险,这是事实,不管种族或收入如何,家庭破裂的孩子辍学的可能性几乎是双亲家庭的两倍男孩比女孩辍学的风险更大,更容易发生攻击性行为。过去几年来,美国人在家庭生活中进行了一项大规模的自然实验,结果表明,成年人从这些变化中受益匪浅,但事实上不是儿童,这可能是第一代在心理和社交方面比父母更糟糕的一代人。

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