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关于”有虚拟语气“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Subjunctive mood。以下是关于有虚拟语气的托福英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Subjunctive mood

If, as a final point, both reading and speaking mention that muscles develop in the Neanderthal stomach, to refute the claim in the readings that these muscles help Neanderthals speak, the speaker thinks that these muscles may be used for other purposes. On the contrary, she said, maybe these muscles help them go further or climb mountains more easily. These muscles are used for the next question, then It was Dutch deforestation that destroyed the Dodo's natural habitat.

The professor first claimed that deforestation did not cover the island and did not kill many other birds. He went on to claim that the dodos did not build their nests in the trees, so their disappearance should not ultimately trouble the dodos, contrary to the argument in the readings that diseases caused by the Dutch could cause the dodos to die, that the number of dodos might have declined before the Dutch arrived, reading that Marco Polo's name had never been recorded by any contemporary Chinese. However, the professor retorted that he might have used a different name, or that the Chinese thought he was not very important and was therefore omitted from their book.




If someone did something, someone would never do something. If Hugh Miller worked all day in a quarry and spent the night resting and entertaining, he would never be a famous geologist. If someone did something, he would never do something.

The famous mathematician Edmund Stone would never publish a dictionary of mathematical works and never find the key to mathematical science, If he spent his free time wandering around, if someone did something, someone would never do something. If Ferguson, a Scottish boy, let his busy brain sleep while he was herding sheep on a hillside, instead of using a string of beads to calculate the position of the stars, if Google ignored the importance of group discussion, he would never have become a famous astronomer, a group discussion on Google, the high school of astronomy Technology companies will never be as successful as they are today (if someone does something, they will never do it) Google, a once obscure, critically ill / vulnerable company, once a small and obscure company, if Google ignores the importance of group discussion (someone will never do something, if someone does something), Google, once a small and obscure company, If the importance of group discussion is ignored, then Google will never achieve today's amazing success, nor will it occupy such a large market share and harvest today's overwhelming success.




I'm old, and I've never been to my mother's birthday unit. My mother can work in a unit far away from home. She goes to work before dawn every day, and comes home after dark, cooking, washing, tutoring, doing homework, checking.

She is busy working until very late to go to bed. My mother loves me very much. When I get sick, she is very anxious to send me to the hospital.

I passed my 10th birthday, My mother gave me time to buy a birthday cake and prepared a birthday present carefully. However, when she was celebrating her own birthday, she never mentioned that her birthday this year was to rush to Saturday. I wanted to give her a surprise to repay my mother's birthday, which she loved so much.

Her unit had been working overtime very early. I got up when my mother left. I would be very busy after work.

I know my mother Mom likes a clean, polished table, so I first clean, and then sweep the floor twice, clean the room, put things in order, take out my pocket money this month to buy a bunch of flowers, pink carnations and a beautiful card in the nearby store. I put the flowers gracefully in the vase, and I will write "Happy Birthday Mom" card She opened the door, called my name, and walked out of the kitchen. Holding a bowl of steaming noodles in her hands in the soup, she said respectfully to her mother: "today is your birthday.

I try to make longevity noodles. You can taste the delicious food." mother laughed and looked at the flowers and cards on the table She stroked my head gently and said happily, "my child, you are really grown up and smarter." Then, she quickly picked up my bowl, sat at the table, ate with relish, even that delicious I was flattered, has been watching my mother eat noodles, while quietly said to himself: "every time to your next birthday, I will be like this." I want to make you longevity noodles. I wish you health and longevity.

Mom, I love you.



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