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关于”啃老“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Gnawing old。以下是关于啃老的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

关于”啃老“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Gnawing old。以下是关于啃老的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Gnawing old

Speaking of the United States, we may first think of Hollywood, because people actually like watching American movies very much. Broadway is also famous all over the world. It is located in New York City.

It is a long street. There are many theatres on both sides of the street. It is so lively.

Commercial adver can be seen. I saw the musical cat from my computer. It is wonderful.

This song has left a deep impression on me For example, actresses act well and sing well. I know that many Hollywood stars are Broadway actors at the beginning. They all have excellent skills.

This sentence makes them naturally famous because there is a saying that "a minute on the stage is based on ten years of hard work. Broadway actors work hard to perform well.




"Dart generation" is not a new word, but the phenomenon is becoming more and more fierce. They can't find jobs and refuse employment opportunities. They can't make a living.

What they need from their parents explains this common phenomenon. On the other hand, with the increasingly severe employment situation, it is difficult for young people to find high paying jobs. On the other hand, because Most parents are willing to sacrifice their love for their children, but they neglect to cultivate their children's independence and make them accustomed to living under the support of their parents.

In addition, they are too tired and nervous to adapt to the environment. They feel very comfortable to me. For such a group of young people, we should let them realize that they should be ashamed to live on their parents after graduation A way of life is more unfavorable to them in the long run.

Therefore, I hope they can go out and look for a living environment.




The New York Times runs from the BBC to the NYT; the New York Times is the new boss of an old newspaper. New York Times Company, an American newspaper group with a history of failed acquisitions, such as aboutcom, a loss online information service company, may soon be named Mark Thompson by the company on August Thompson, the outgoing chief director of the BBC, will be another acquisition the company will regret, Arthur sultzberg, the newspaper's leading publisher and chairman Sulzberger hopes Thompson can help save the gray lady who collapsed from a fall, print circulation and advertising revenue. Since her sudden resignation in December, Janet Robinson, the company's chief executive, has stepped down abruptly Robinson's growing position in the advertising sector has made this expertise obsolete: newspapers can no longer rely on advertisers' large cheques to support their livelihoods, Mr Thompson goes can help boost revenue by attracting more global audiences and experimenting with new platforms under his leadership, and the BBC has launched innovative tools such as iPlayer, a popular online television and broadcasting service But Thompson's leadership of a large company is a strange choice.

An yst at a troubled private company mercilessly compares his appointment to hiring the boss of a large charity to transform his business. Thompson spent most of his career on the BBC's public service radio, except for the BBC's commercial broadcaster, BBC Mr Thompson owes the BBC's commercial broadcaster a tax, which brought in billions of pounds (US $1 billion) last year, to every family in the UK.


《》(The New York Times)从英国广播公司(BBC)到(NYT);《》(The New York Times)是一家旧报纸的新老板。美国报业集团《》公司(New York Times Company)有过失败的收购史,例如Aboutcom,一家亏损的在线信息服务公司,可能很快就会在xx月日被公司任命为马克·汤普森(Mark Thompson),即将卸任的英国公共广播公司BBC的总导演汤普森先生将是该公司将后悔的又一笔收购案,该报的掌权出版商兼董事长亚瑟•苏尔茨伯格(Arthur Sulzberger)希望汤普森能帮助拯救这位因跌倒而晕倒的灰色女士印刷发行量和广告收入自去年xx月突然辞职以来,该公司首席执行官珍妮特•罗宾逊(Janet Robinson)在广告部门的地位不断提升,这种专业技能已经过时:报纸不能再依赖广告商的大额支票来维持他们的生计,汤普森先生goes可以通过吸引更多全球观众和在他领导下尝试新平台来帮助增加收入,BBC推出了创新工具,如受欢迎的在线电视和广播服务公司iPlayer,但汤普森领导一家大型公司是一个奇怪的选择,陷入困境的私人公司一位分析师无情地将他的任命比作聘请一家大型慈善机构的老板来实现企业转型,汤普森的职业生涯大部分时间都在BBC的公共服务广播上,除了担任英国广播公司(BBC)的商业广播公司英国广播公司(Channel television)的几年老板外,汤普森还欠英国广播公司(BBC)的商业广播公司英国每一个家庭都能享受到一项税收,去年这项税收带来了亿英镑(十亿美元)的收入。

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