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关于”在英国的生活“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Life in England。以下是关于在英国的生活的中考英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Life in England

Kelly is a Jamaican girl from Jamaica. When she went to England with her parents, her aunt Mary met them at Heathrow airport. Aunt Mary lived in London.

She took Kelly and her parents to visit many places in London, such as the tower of London, the British Museum and Buckingham Palace. Kelly also likes to visit the Thames by boat. She goes to different places every day, Seeing something interesting, she met some friendly people from different countries and talked to them.

She learned a lot about Britain. Thanks to Aunt Mary, England is the most interesting country. She felt very comfortable in London.

When Kelly left England, she visited her. She said to Aunt Mary, "I have a lot to tell my friends in Jamaica.".




Eating habits are a country where we are increasingly aware of what we and our children are eating. Recently, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's campaign to improve school dinners has helped raise awareness of our fast food lifestyle. People who eat more or just fashion.

Some of the things you do and donate, and why there are so many food plans that tell you what you should and shouldn't eat to stay healthy is hard to track. Some people are vegetarians for moral reasons, some don't like the taste of meat, one or two do it because it's also fashionable, following the latest celebrity diet is fashionable, because celebrities What are they doing? Now people eat out more and more frequently, not only on special occasions, but also in the past few decades, the choice of restaurants has become diversified. Italian, Chinese and Indian restaurants have existed for many years, but now they have joined Mongolia, Japan, Mexico and Turkey.

Bars and bars are still very popular and are often promoted for queens British dishes made from local products. In recent birthday celebrations, top British chefs scrambled to create a great British menu. In order to serve at birthday parties, we like to eat out for a few or several months.

Whether with friends or as a couple, we like to try new things, so we go to different restaurants Craig, Durham From chocolate to sandwiches and packaging, more people are eating on the street. Our parents and grandparents may resent this behavior and think it's impolite. People eat on the road because they get from one place to another, while at home, the number of people sitting at the table for dinner decreases with the increase of meal time.

If I'm late for work, I don't think twice about eating toast on the bus or bus, but I know my mother won't approve of Stacy. Liz, although we may try to eat healthier, it seems that we still have some bad habits.





We all know the customs of English speaking countries. The culture of English speaking countries is very different from our own, so are their customs. First of all, let's talk about the fact that Chinese eat almost everything, but we eat rice most.

In English speaking countries, they are most likely to choose meat, vegetables and rice, which are likely to be made into salads to match the staple food. When we Chinese drink tea, they prefer coffee. Second, people there wear different clothes than we do.

In our own country, people are very sensitive to temperature. Our clothes change seasonally. We usually wear less on hot days, and in those countries, when the cold weather comes, people's skin seems to become less sensitive.

We can see that in winter or some cool rainy days, many people still wear single clothes, and people in these countries have their own unique lifestyle, they are used to early Take a bath, wake up at noon, they are always slaves of the clock, which drives them to rush, they are always on time and ready for everything. Finally, we must make sure that most English speaking countries do not celebrate the Spring Festival, but celebrate Halloween, Easter and the most important Christmas. If you want to go to English speaking countries, you must have heard of these festivals.

First of all, you should be familiar with these customs and habits in order to adapt to the new environment.




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