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关于”写假期有意义的事“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Write something meaningful about the holidays。以下是关于写假期有意义的事的专升本英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Write something meaningful about the holidays

Every holiday is always full of the fun of the world, just like the winter vacation, but the harvest is very poor. Now, I feel very poor one day. When I am at the traffic lights, I quietly look at the man sitting in the wheelchair in front of me.

He looks very weak, but there is no family to accompany her. The lights are green, the pedestrians are gone, and the man stumbles out of the stream, I don't know When is it, a gust of wind fury came, pulled him over, in a safe place, the man is a young man full of love, looking at me is really very good, very happy, when crossing the road, you can always like lark to return a merciful smile, for the bird's nest, so heartbroken.




A person can only do a few things a day, while an ordinary person can only live a few days. If you are 30 years old, you have lost your time before reading this blog post, so you still have about a few days to live. Give or take a few days.

You can't borrow, you can't stop, you can't go back to its one-way direction, so that you can make full use of every damn afternoon Write down three things you want to do the next day and post them on the mirror in your bathroom, where you can't miss when brushing your teeth the next morning. There's no phone, no app, no reminder, just a note. The point is to keep it there until the next day, and only replace it when you're done, and so on.

These are not just three different things, they're related and dependent One thing is very important, but you are not so keen on doing it. If you always hope that this thing has been completed or you want to postpone it, but if it can be paid off after completion, then "three things" is very important and you like to do it. But the "three things one day" policy is very special.

You can't do two things before one thing. One thing is mathematically Sure, the most important thing is because Chuck Norris said that telling children stories in the park is an interesting part. Only when you've done two things, I think I can tell you why three things are simpler and more effective than long-term planning.

The longer you plan, the greater the gap, the shorter the plan The more realistic the shortest is one day, when you fully meet your plan, your brain is excited, this is the key, stimulation is the fuel, let you do, and plan the next month's three stimulation is not so effective, when the gap is larger, just follow the rules of one day, you will be surprised at how much you have achieved in a month.




My holiday plan I have a good holiday plan. First, I get up early because it's good for our health. Then, I have breakfast in 30 minutes.

I and my friends are doing sports in the park. I do two hours of homework. Then, I read.

I think it's fun and relaxing. After lunch, I wash bowling and do housework with my mother. In the afternoon, I do it A little homework and playing football with my classmates.

Then I went back to dinner. After dinner, I always watch TV. I go to bed at eight.

My holiday is very busy, but also very happy.




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