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关于”客户满意“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Customer satisfaction。以下是关于客户满意的高二英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Customer satisfaction

The most successful exam in my study, my previous academic performance was very poor, because I was lazy, I tried to get better results, but no matter how hard I tried, I still couldn't get the ideal results, I made great progress, I passed the test, I know this is because my teachers and my parents encouraged me to do my best, they told me to my family, I My classmates and my teachers are very happy about my great progress. I should thank them. They let me be myself.




Hello, everyone. I'm very glad to meet you here and give me a good opportunity to introduce myself. Like most young people, I'm a student.

I've been a college student since I was a child. I've always been at the top of the exam, but I didn't spend a lot of effort. This is because my school is not very good compared with other schools.

I'm a little lazy in my study. Before I entered the University, I didn't realize the weakness of habit. But now, I understand that laziness is not good.

For us, my English is not very good, because I like eating very much. I think eating is people's basic desire. I spent a lot of money on food.

My mother always said: people are iron, like rice is steel. If you don't eat, you will be hungry Food is really the most important thing. Obesity is harmful to health.

I tried to lose weight many times, but in the end, I couldn't control myself and continued to eat more food like food. Since I was a child, I had read a lot of books, but as I grew older, I found that I was less interested in reading than before. I think this is because I should deal with what happened in my life and I can learn from computers and other existing tools.

Until now, I finally find the feeling of reading because I have extensive knowledge. I don't have ambitious plans. I just want to be an ordinary person who doesn't worry about eating, drinking and living.

I don't want to be a great man. I don't want to be a rich and powerful person. Many people think they must be happy, but they are Think that they are not happy, in my opinion, having too much money and power is not a good thing, I will continue my own life, I will thank you for your listening.




You did well in the interview. You're in a pressed suit and arrive a few minutes early after working in a place for a while, but you'll feel more comfortable. Maybe you'll rummage through a basket for a less wrinkled shirt and slide into a chair when the clock strikes eight, and you'll think that employers will hide their true colors during an interview.

The ideal job with a friendly boss with an open policy can turn into a nightmare immediately after you sign the offer letter here are six real-life signs that you shouldn't leave on your new job: you ask for supplies from your new boss, who hands you a pad without pencils and legal records, nothing else - not every company has a budget to open an expense account, a blackberry and a cutting-edge laptop, but you should be equipped with a finisher Make the tools you need. A company with financial difficulties may be very stingy with supplies. You spend more time worrying about the company's books than on your job 13youare taken to a cubicle on your first day at work and you are given a company handbook.

You have never talked to anyone since a good employer trained new employees in their first few days, although you can With years of work experience, every company has its own procedures and expectations, and if you don't have some guidance from day one, you won't magically know. Your new employer should make it clear that you have a support network that is ready to help you and answer any questions; every time you tell someone about your new job and your new employer, you'll have the same reaction: puff up "good luck" you know, don't believe gossip, but sometimes a company's reputation is so loud that it can't be ignored if friends and colleagues You may have a reasonable reason to study which companies have the best reputation and which are the worst at the beginning of your job search.


你在面试时表现得很好。你穿着熨烫的西装,在一个地方工作了一段时间后提前几分钟到达,不过,你会感觉舒服一点,也许你会在篮子里翻找一件不太起皱的衬衫,然后在钟敲八点的时候滑进椅子里你会想到,雇主在面试时也会隐瞒自己的真实面目。与一个有开放政策的友好老板的理想工作可能会在你签署录用信后立即变成一场噩梦 这里有六个真实生活的标志,你不应该在你的新工作上留下来,: 你向你的新老板要用品,她递给你一支没有铅笔和法律记录的便笺簿,其他什么都没有——不是每个公司都有预算给你开一个支出账户、一部黑莓手机和一台尖端笔记本电脑,但你应该配备完成工作所需的工具一家遇到财务困难的公司可能对用品非常吝啬你花更多的时间担心公司的账本而不是工作 你上班第一天被带到一个小隔间里,给你一本公司手册,自从有一个好的雇主在新员工入职的头几天对他们进行培训后,你就再也没有和任何人交谈过,尽管你可能有多年的工作经验,每一家公司都有自己的程序和期望,如果从第一天起没有一些指导,你是不会神奇地知道的。


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